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Réstaurante EL DF

A unique Mexican restaurant that features food specialties from the heart of Mexico City, Mexico's capital.

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Redesign their menu to make the public aware of their unique take on traditional Mexico City food. The menu was very expected of a Mexican restaurant. When we saw it there was nothing appealing to it. Their product was great but there was no way to know that, without tasting it.
The restaurant itself felt like another Mexican restaurant without any uniqueness to it.

the challenge

the solution

We created a three (3) day photography session at the restaurant where we brought in all types of lighting and textures to allow the dishes to stand out. We also redesigned the menu to a new and unique type that allowed several dished to stand out. We also redesigned their audio and video presentations. They were using a jukebox at the time, so to create a lively musical environment, without being intrusive and loud, we installed a 16 speaker system and several large LED screens that promote different types of dishes.

the results

The menu was a huge success. Speaking to the owners, the menu now showcases the dishes in the proper light and exposes their true value and the new pricing clearly reflects that. In the first weekend that the menu was introduced, the menu completely paid for itself with the increased pricing and new sales of their more showcased dishes. The customer base has increased by 25% in just 2 months.

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