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Green Energy

An Attic & Windows Specialist company.

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Originally when the client came in they brought us a design someone else had done and it looked very poor. Mr. Ramos was clear that a vehicle wrap would help him launch his new business and help promote sales. He had a unique product that he was focused on to save homeowners on their utility bills. The solution was a Radiant barrier installed in the attic.

the challenge

the solution

The design needed to be re-done correctly to reflect this new technology and the benefits it would have for the environment. Homeowners needed to know that they would be saving money every month on their utility bills. The logo needed to be tweaked and worked into the design to convey honesty, trustworthiness and experience. It needed to make the homeowner feel like this was a large company.

the results

We created a green and blue design that would convey warmth and good-for-the-earth product/services. The design transmitted exactly that. We created a “honk if your utility bills are too high” campaign on the wrap itself and created a interaction with consumers. This created awareness and interest in the product and services of Green Energy of San Antonio. The fleet of vehicles for Green Energy has seen several revisions throughout the years and Green Energy continues to grow into other aspects of home energy. You can see them regularly on TV and radio as well as YouTube.

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