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Village Contractors

residential & commercial remodeling company. Specializing storm damage & an insurance claim specialist.

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Knowing Michael Rumpza from other businesses we’ve worked on together, he came to me to ask to help him put together a proposal for remodeling projects. He didn’t really have a logo and needed one that would convey professionalism. His uniqueness to his business was the ability to jump hurdles over the insurance red-tape. So to homeowners and management companies that handle various apartment complexes this was a huge plus since they didn’t have to deal with the insurance companies and the do’s and dont’s. They service storm hit areas around the country and being from out of town, homeowners are reluctant to hire them. Even though their experience is second to none.

the challenge

the solution

We created a logo that would convey in a professional manner the legitimacy of their experience in the business. We also created a large prestige 44-page brochure on the company it’s past projects and its abilities. We also created the entire stationary aspects needed. This secured his representation to be that of an experienced and professional company that knows what its doing. This was important since they specialize in storm hit areas all over the USA.

the results

The investments into the branding and collateral that we produced allowed VCI to continue to grow into storm hit areas that had hit them pretty hard. And while being a company from San Antonio Texas, it was easier to have the homeowners entrust their home to Village contractors. The following months, Village contractors secured a multi-million dollar project. Several vehicles were wrapped and all corporate identity was created to convey a cohesive brand.

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