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An audio & video company that specializes in home theater & home security.

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Create a brand that could be seen from afar and convey a clear message of the services that can be provided. The client also wanted to generate more income to offset the cost incurred for the Vehicle Wrap.

the challenge

the solution

We began with the original name of the company which was “First Response Security” and after several conversations with the client, we made them understand that the name did not connect with the services that they provide. So we had to create a name that could be personal and yet unique enough for the Reyes family. This was the idea behind merging the words Digital and Reyes into Digirey. The design needed to be colorful and yet playful enough that it would measure on a relaxed level to the targeted audience. The design needed to convey professionalism and a sense of years in the business.

the results

When I called Johnny after about 30 days of picking up his newly-wrapped truck, I asked him if the wrap had payed for itself already and he chuckled and said, "It paid for itself in the first week." Since then Digirey has picked up a minimum 40% increase in work and projects. Johnny has also picked up his largest project ever done of close to 100k. Johnny took his family shortly thereafter to a Disney vacation. The company has purchased a second vehicle that we recently wrapped for them.

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