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An audio & video installation company that works in the commercial & residential area.


the challenge

To increase sales and advertising thru means of
an inexpensive marketing method that would 
deliver results almost immediately. Create awareness of the diversity of types of installations that AVI could handle. And redesign the logo so as to convey professionalism and the type of work being done.

the solution

We designed a fresh look that would bring attention to the “installations” ability of AVI with a bright red
color. We focused on keeping the logo in a conservativearea by the doors and maintain a larger space for
a clear message of the type of work that they do.

the results

Within the first month, AVI installed over 7 new Valero corner stores and several new smaller clients. These new clients saw the truck wrap and were immediately captured by the design and message and proceeded to call Adrian for an immediate quote. Business is looking up.

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