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Offers a variety home luxury products to your home or workplace.


the challenge

The Printing Division was to design a series of wraps for several vehicles that would showcase the variety of solutions and manufacturers that Facets currently carries as a distributor.
And design it in a way that the Major brand companies would meet their current designs & be approved by the Manufacturers themselves.

the solution

The Printing Division designed Several different vehicles with different manufacturers/brands, for example: Kohler & Rheem & Samsung. It was important to study the brands and their current marketing strategies, so as to create a cohesive look with other collateral.

the results

The Kohler design was designed in a entire black setting featuring the beautiful shower head that only Kohler can make and accentuate the elegance of the brand.

The Rheem Truck was designed with the brand in mind to make it larger than life. This was a different style of design not normally done by RHEEM but when the executives saw it, they loved it immediately.

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