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Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Alanta Street Level Shorter.jpg

the challenge

Design, Wrap & Install before the Super Bowl begins. Close to half a million guests were coming to theAtlanta area for the 2019 Super Bowl. And over 20,000 square feet of vinyl had to be placed. Areas to be covered were on three different levels: street level, mid-level & lower level where the trains subway locations. Mid level is approx 18ft in height. And did we forget to mention that the average temperature around this time in Atlanta is 35 degrees.


the solution

We measured the entire spectrum of all spaces, walls, floors, ceilings, heights, widths pretty much everything. Them created templates that would allow the designers to properly understand the
available space and design accordingly. We also created a unique scaffolding system that would
allow us to be able to reach the entire space in a safe and manageable manner. All this in a
35-40 degree temperature setting. We had to work with several different vinyl manufacturers like 3M, Avery & Oracal to make this project work. The project had different types of surfaces and in the extreme cold temperatures special planningand specials vinyls had to be brought in.

the results

The installation itself took 10 days working from 7pm to 2am. The project came out beautifully and the special planning that was done a head of time really paid off. The different surfaces that we had to install on were done seamlesslyand the colors were very vivid and matched perfectly to their other partners, even though they were other brands of vinyl. The city and all the pedestrians that flow thru those areas
pass thru and stop to take a look at the amazing designs and works of art...

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