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Salt Lake City, Utah


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The Challenge

Only 1300 miles away was our next project for the new building for the state of Utah. It needed some texture on the walls that would make it feel personal but due to the new laws for the fire code, and the particulars that the client wanted, the challenge was on. We had to find a canvas material that would feel matte and not stain easily, but also match the latest stringent fire codes which was to make sure it would have an adhesive backing that could hold up to children and teenagers.

The Solution

After many sleepless nights and research, we finally did it. It was a combination of the strength of the material and had a fire resistance that lived up to the fire codes.

shutterstock_214334212 ARCHES.jpg

We then had to color calibrate it to correct hues and vibrancy and then we could finally begin the printing and installation.

The Results

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