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Travis County

Stainless steel sign

The Challenge

Take down a 12’ x 36’ large and heavy sign 5 stories in the air. Paint the entire side of the building and seal all holes and close off all electrical connections to the previous sign. Paint a 36’ ft circle with the TEXAS SEAL. Fabricate a 6’ft x 18’ft aluminum sign in one piece without any seams that would serve as the main entrance signage for the new offices.

Travis County_Signage Top.jpg

The Solution

2 large cranes were used to take down older (non-working) sign. We used several large boom lifts to paint the 36’ Texas seal on the side of the building. We had to bring in a special aluminum from 800 miles away and cut/trim to shape. We had to fabricate a unique curved frame that would serve as the frame to hold the aluminum piece. 3D lettering was then used to mount onto the surface.

The Building looks immaculate and very modern. The Extra-Large TEXAS seal painted on the side of the building can be seen from a mile away. The entrance signage looked so amazing that another sign was ordered for a sister building.

The Results

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 10.28.01
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