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SA Heart, Vascular & Rhythm Center

Custom outdoor sign

Screen shot 2018-11-30 at 7.12.28 PM.png

The Challenge

Rebuild a 48’ foot rooftop sign that had been damaged by thunderstorms and a very high MPH wind storm. It was improperly anchored to the roof and that’s what had caused the frame to fail.

The Solution

Tear down the entire frame and signage and redesign the proper structure and frame and anchor it appropriately so that it could withstand higher winds and storms in the future. At the same time build and create holding placements for lighting purposes.

SA Heart Vascular and Rhythm Center_Roof

The new sign created looks amazing, and stands on the rooftop overlooking San Antonio and the surrounding hill country. The sign can be seen easily onthe IH-10 highway

The Results

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