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Mimi's Audio & Video

An audio, video home, commercial, sales & install service co.

The challenge_Logo_Mimi's Audio and Vide

When Ernest Crosby walked in the door he was looking for a wrap for his relatively new business. He had already been in business for a short while using another name and doing fair. However after a having a lengthy conversation we had to make Ernesto aware that we needed to make changes to the name and the color scheme that he was currently using. Client was looking to increase their presence in the market and get more customers and more projects, more jobs.

the challenge

the solution

We came with the name of “Mimi’s” because it was the agreed that this was a family business and needed to make that type of connection with homeowners. So “Mimi’s” was created from the first two letters of his two daughters. We chose bold colors and colors that could resonate with his targeted audience.

the results

From the moment we wrapped his first truck, he would hear comments that his trucks could be seen all over town. That’s funny because at that time, he only had one truck wrapped. Mimi’s has grown exponentially and has since purchased his second truck. He consistently hears that his vehicles are seen all over. His branding has had a huge impact on his reputation and how his clients perceive him.

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