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Gold's Gym Express

World renowned fitness center

Gold's Gym_Outdoor Wrap 2.png

The Challenge

GOLD’S GYM was about to begin opening up a EXPRESS type of fitness center in the Texas areas. The construction was to last several months and GOLD’S GYM needed to begin the branding and recruitment of its new style of gym. So that upon completion the gym would already have a successful launch.

The Solution

Since each location being built in Texas was going to have a Portable Office Building next to the construction site, we proposed to wrap the entire portable buildings with a new type of vinyl that would adhere to the exterior without any issues to the exterior siding. The design encompassed their brand which is recognizable from afar. Incorporated was an incentive for pricing and getting enrolled in early.

Gold's Gym_Outdoor Wrap 3.png

When the final construction was finalized in all markets around Texas, the signups were a huge hit and the fitness centers were launched full and in complete success. Filled with lots of new subscribers that normally were not being appealed to.

The Results

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