Paper Products

Online Marketing

Email Campaigns.
Emails grow daily and so can your message, service, or product. The reach is great. [...]
Text to Phone Campaigns..
The growing craze for smart phones allows for a more reachable market.[...]
Social Media Networking.
Ranging from Facebook, to LinkdIn, Groupon, Google Ads, Yahoo Local, etc.[...]

Large Format Products

The local office for Miller Lite needed several wraps for their internal meeting rooms/press conferences. 13 foot high and 8 foot across were the size of the panels that we designed and installed.

Using a matte finish material allowed the images to really stand out and give a museum type of presentation, look and finish.[...]

Several busses needed to be completely given a new direction in color and theme. So we took several buses and gave them a facelift that really emcompassed the theme that the consumer could connect with.

These buses are currently in circulation and AACOG has been receiving compliments from current clients and obtaining new clients as well. [...]

Customized Fabrication

Gold's Gym International
Gold's Gym contracted TPD to create an eye-popping jaw-dropping attention getting way to create awareness and brand identity in new locations across Texas.
Green Energy of San Antonio Expo
The challenge to be noticed at an Expo has become more evident. We customize our clients' options so that can do just that.
The San Antonio Public Library
A customized Tree of LIfe was custom fabricated to accomodate an 13 foot by 9 foot. The leaves accomodate each individual sponsor.