COre Values at TPD.

Be truthful, accurate & straightforward. Be non-deceptive in comunication.
Maintain consistency between beliefs and behavior. Contend for what is right.
Endeavor to be reasonable, open minded in all your dealings. Partner & collaborate.
Take prompt steps to correct mistakes or defects. Accept responsibility.
Pursuit of Excellence
Consistently apply, perseverance, attention to detail. Never accept complacency.
Comply with all governmental laws, rules and regulations. Protect the environment.
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Mission Statement

Joey M Lopez • Creative Director

Joey is the visionary of the company. His experience, determination, and instinct allow
him to stay ahead of the industry at all times. When customers, clients, even competitors,
need answers to the big questions, they turn to Joey with full confidence that his guidance
will never lead them astray. It has been said around the industry that Joey can read minds
because he always has the answers everybody is in need of.

Joey has led the development, implementation and management of marketing campaigns
for the majority of the company's clients. Joey's leadership can be found all around the Music
and Printing community.

Joey's commitment to his clients and colleagues plays a big role in promoting
an open and profitable atmosphere at our Printing Division.


Ari A. • Art Director

Ari oversees all creative development at the office. His leadership and experience covers
over 10 years from both Hispanic and General Market advertising.

While his passion is 3D animation, Ari is also a skateboarder and is active in the competitive scene. He has been key in the growth of Regional Mexican Music through his work with Joey Records. His resume includes numerous promotional events including Web / CD / Logo design.

A seasoned animator and artist with a background in Design and over 10 years of work experience,
Ari is part of the backbone of the Printing company's success. He is instrumental in all creative
projects. He constantly reminds us that "he will not settle, nor should we".


the vision

Joe S. Lopez
Joe Lopez is the prime example of the Hispanic entrepreneur. His unique dream and acquired experiences have built an independently owned Music-Recording-Company. It's foundation sits on a a major fact that he has lead some of the United States's and Mexico's largest musical groups. As an independently owned Music-Recording-Company, he has built a multi-million dollar company today including the successful independently-owned printing company that is based in San Antonio, Texas.

Joe Lopez and his partner Raquel Lopez founded The Printing Division with a philosophy of creating a new breed of printing services, one that is uniquely qualified in the General market and Hispanic market.

His dream to empower others, is based on the idea that inspiration can be found just about anywhere,
and can empower an individual to great success.

Value and Affordability

"At the heart of Printing's success are the talented professionals who offer unique experiences and have acquired the knowledge of the entire printing process from the idea to the final product."

Practice the principles of the Golden Rule. Respect the dignity, rights, safety, and personal property of others.Be open to the ideas and opinions of others.Exercise patience and remain positive under all circumstances.Assure that those whom you supervise are not put in compromising situations.